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 Solid Wood Worktops - Tuscan 

As for a free sample of Tuscan Solid Wood Worktops to show your client and get that order. We always recommend that you order a sample to really give your customer a sense of the true colour and quality of your Tuscan Solid Wood Worksurfaces.

Look at the colours and materials below, just a couple and then talk to us, we are happy to assist with design and choices to ensure your customer gets exactly what they desire and you get the order that is worth installing.

Samples can be dispatched the following day and should be with you within 24-48 hours, although we have a showroom in Cannock that you are more than welcome to visit, have a chat look at the options and enjoy a hot or cold drink should you like one..

 Solid Quartz Worktops - Maxtops 



Your customers could enjoy the stunning beauty and strength of a solid quartz surface, without any of the drawbacks of traditional solid stone surfaces. Pre-finished worktops with undeniable strength and surprising lightness mean that installers and consumers get maximum benefits with minimum fuss. 

Maxtop Quartz offers the aesthetic benefits of a solid stone surface, but with the advantage of a deeper 40mm profile - a depth that is impractical with conventional fabrication. Every surface is edged with 8mm solid quartz to give a perfectly uninterrupted look. Design options are further enhanced by a choice of 10 natural decors, so there’s a surface for any kitchen. 

Factory pre-finishing means that Maxtop Quartz surfaces are ready for immediate sale and installation with the kitchen, in contrast to many solid solutions that require a 3-4 week wait from the time of order.

Storage and logistics are made easy too, thanks to standard modular sizing, 'off the shelf' availability and lightweight ergonomics.

 Formica Worktops - Axiom 

Formica has always been at the forefront of the decorative laminate industry. The wide range of designs and colours, the variety of grades, adhesives and substrate possibilities, and the different surface textures and finishes available make appropriate specification and fabrication paramount to successful end-use and a happy customer.

There is a vast range of colours and options for your design we would advise some caution when discussing these options with clients and the vast number of colours, styles and grades can make decisions for some customers quite difficult. 

 Solid Surface Worktops - Mistral 

MISTRAL's range is a timeless collection that gives you all the choice you need to find the right colour for you. Whether you want your worksurface to be a dramatic statement piece or you are looking for something to harmonise within your colour scheme,


  • At the heart of every MISTRAL kitchen are the seamless joints that discreetly form one continuous surface that flows around the room as if moulded from a single piece that creates a stunning kitchen for your customer.

  • MISTRAL is made entirely of solid surface material. This allows it to be angled and curved to fit your design effortlessly. MISTRAL’s endless options give you the advantage of being able to create unique features and bring your ideas to life.

  • MISTRAL is a strong and durable surface and will cope well with the rigours of day to day use in the home. It also has good levels of chemical and heat resistance.

  • MISTRAL is smooth and non-porous so it is inherently hygienic and resistant to staining without needing to be sealed. MISTRAL’s non porous surface does not allow stains to penetrate. Any spills can simply be wiped clean with a cloth and soapy water, or with the assistance of a general household cleaner for more stubborn substances.

  • Unlike most other worktop materials, the surface of MISTRAL can be sanded. This means it can be refinished at any time during its life to remove any general wear and tear marks that may have accumulated, leaving it looking as good as new.

  • MISTRAL’s beautiful appearance and valuable physical qualities are backed up by a field-tested 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty. MISTRAL has been installed, tested and proven in a variety of tough commercial applications before being utilised in the residential sector.

    For further information please contact our sales team.